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What's News!

5/24 - Holy Eucharist - 8:00 AM & 10:00 AM

5/25 - Memorial Day - Office Closed

5/26 - Food Pantry

5/26 - Men's Discovery Bible Study @ W.G. Mall Food Court

5/26 - Prayer Shawl Ministry

5/27 - Holy Eucharist with Prayers for Healing

5/27 - Bible Study

5/28 - Choir Rehearsal

5/30 - Discovery Bible Study

5/31 - Holy Eucharist - 8:00 AM & 10:00 AM

6/2 - Food Pantry

6/2 - Men's Discovery Bible Study @ W.G. Mall Food Court

6/3 - Holy Eucharist with Prayers for Healing

6/3 - Bible Study

The Lord of the Dance!
On Saturday, October 18, twenty members met in the parish for some Scottish Country Dancing. It was a simple and invigorating joy. This kind of dance is the precursor to American square dancing but not as frenetic. A woman named Cecily led and taught us. Two musicians, Jane (cello) and Adam (violin), played the accompaniment. Please take a moment to visit this web site and watch the video at the bottom of the page www.delvalscottishdance.org. That night some of us just watched while others followed Cecily's clear demonstration and instructions. We wanted to learn and get it right; we messed up numerous times; we felt clumsy and laughed; we kept on going and even had moments we applauded ourselves for nearly getting it! What a wholesome pleasure far surpassing watching reruns on TV, fretting over dirty laundry, paying bills or a family squabble.
We will host Cecily, Jane and Adam again (possibly on Sunday, November 30) and I want fifty members of Saint Anne's to be there! I especially want families to participate so they can experience the charm of this folk tradition. I believe such cheerful dance is a welcome antidote to the isolation of video games, smart phones and the false intimacy of the cyber world we let intrude into our lives. The Scottish Country Dancing reminds me why mission trips always edify everyone; you die to self and collaborate for the good of others and God. This dancing is playful with no necessary goal beside to dance. This resonates with the logic of appreciating beauty as well as praising and adoring God. The activity is its own aim and reward like being itself.
What also intrigued me was the symbolism. There are pairs yet the dance is a social act. So, it requires cooperation by everyone, individuals, couples and the entire group. This is the local church. We all play our specific part on the team. Sometimes we serve by ourselves like a choir member leading a psalm or a person reading a lesson. Sometimes we work in pairs as in two altar members or church school teachers. Sometimes we are part of an ensemble as in the choir or the Vestry or the Wednesday morning Bible Study. And, when everyone is playing his or her part, the church is animated with the Holy Spirit, alive with the joy of the Lord and giving glory to God.
We come to Sunday worship. We keep each other in prayer and serve one another in good times and bad. We make a pledge to God in support of Saint Anne's. We serve in various ministries. We each play our part with joy.
See you in church! See you at the next dance! Father Hastings
This is the time of year we are reminded to be thankful for our many blessings. Outreach is an important part of our mission at St. Anne’s, and I hope you’ll take advantage of the opportunities to give thanks by serving with your family and friends, being part of St. Anne’s Outreach and showing God’s love to our community.

Once again, our Middle School and High School students will be partnering with YouthWorks and will be heading north to Rutland Vermont, June 21-26, to serve the community with work projects and VBS for children in an economically-challenged area. Proceeds from our bake sale on Sunday, November 16 will go towards mission trip transportation costs. We would appreciate any cookies, cakes, muffins, cupcakes, brownies etc, that anyone would like to donate for our sale.
Our youth group will be serving at Operation Brotherhood on Friday, November 21. Operation Brotherhood is an organization that assists in organizing various churches in the Philadelphia area in providing Thanksgiving Dinners to needy families in the region. Operation Brotherhood is part of Skilton House Ministries. From their website, www.skiltonhouse.org:
“During Operation Brotherhood 2013, volunteers from many diverse churches packed 1,681 bags of food. The Philadelphia Bible Society once again provided Scriptures and tracts to be included in each bag. The bags, each accompanied by a turkey, were distributed by 26 churches and 3 missions to local families. It was yet another wonderful Operation Brotherhood, bringing glory to God.”
Children will begin Advent and the countdown to Christmas by making Advent wreaths on Sunday, November 30 during church school. Please return your candleholders from last year if you haven’t already, and if possible, some evergreen clippings to share.
All children are welcome to be a part of our traditional Christmas Pageant which will be held on Christmas Eve at 5:00 pm. We will need actors to represent the Holy Family, shepherds and angels, as well as some animals. Please see me or your child’s church school teacher if you have any questions.
In honor of All Saints’ Day the children are learning to sing ‘Saints of God’ and are learning about St. Francis and Mother Teresa in Chapel. We’ve also talked about two well- known passages; Paul’s letter to the Philippians, Chapter 4, and the Greatest Commandments: Love God and love each other. Attendance in church school and in our youth group has been great - thank you for being a part of this community and for supporting our events. I’m thankful to be with the children, young adults, and all of those who work and volunteer here at St. Anne’s. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.
Nov. 2 - Youth group meeting at 11:15 with
Kyle, Ashleigh and Mr. Howard
Nov. 16 - Bake sale at 11:15
Nov. 21 - Youth Group Outreach ‘Operation
Brotherhood’ at 7pm
Nov. 30 - Advent wreaths during church school
Dec. 6 - Breakfast with Santa sponsored by Saint Anne’s Vestry
Calling all young musicians! The schedule for rehearsals is as follows:
Children's Choir (4th Grade and Younger) led by Ashleigh Morris and Steve Woytowicz - 11:30 am Sunday Morning.
Youth Choir (5th Grade and older) led by Ashleigh Morris and Steve Woytowicz - 11:30 am Sunday Morning.
Young String Ensemble led by Nancy Smith - Nancy will communicate with those musicians directly.
Young Wind and Percussion - Thursday evening at 6:45 beginning in October - led by Ashleigh Morris, Nancy Smith, Brian Stahl, and Steve Woytowicz
Young Contemporary Ensemble (Jazz and Rock instruments) - Led by Steve Woytowicz - Thursday evenings at 6:45 - starting date to be announced.
We are looking forward to a very active year for our young musicians!
Any questions, please contact Steve at 215.805.7597 or via email at swoytowicz@yahoo.com.